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Wild Girls How the Outdoors Shaped the Women Who Challenged a Nation [Audiobook]

Free Download Wild Girls: How the Outdoors Shaped the Women Who Challenged a Nation (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CHCC1VF1 | 2023 | 4 hours and 4 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 224 MB
Author: Tiya Miles
Narrator: Janina Edwards

Harriet Tubman, forced to labor outdoors on a Maryland plantation, learned from the land a terrain for escape. Louisa May Alcott ran wild, eluding gendered expectations in New England. The Indigenous women’s basketball team from Fort Shaw, Montana, recaptured a sense of pride in physical prowess as they trounced the white teams of the 1904 World’s Fair. Celebrating women like these who acted on their confidence outdoors, Wild Girls brings new context to misunderstood icons like Sacagawea and Pocahontas, and to underappreciated figures like Native American activist writer Zitkála-Šá, farmworkers’ champion Dolores Huerta, and labor and Civil Rights organizer Grace Lee Boggs.


Land How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World

Free Download Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World By Simon Winchester
2021 | 688 Pages | ISBN: 0063063018 | EPUB | 42 MB
The author of The Professor and the Madman and The Perfectionists explores the notion of property–our proprietary relationship with the land–through human history, how it has shaped us and what it will mean for our future.Land–whether meadow or mountainside, desert or peat bog, parkland or pasture, suburb or city–is central to our existence. It quite literally underlies and underpins everything. Employing the keen intellect, insatiable curiosity, and narrative verve that are the foundations of his previous bestselling works, Simon Winchester examines what we human beings are doing–and have done–with the billions of acres that together make up the solid surface of our planet.Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World examines in depth how we acquire land, how we steward it, how and why we fight over it, and finally, how we can, and on occasion do, come to share it. Ultimately, Winchester confronts the essential question: who actually owns the world’s land–and why does it matter?


Shaped by War and Trade International Influences on American Political Development

Free Download Ira Katznelson, "Shaped by War and Trade: International Influences on American Political Development "
English | ISBN: 0691057036 | 2002 | 384 pages | PDF | 59 MB
In the twenty-first century, globalization poses major challenges to the key players in U.S. domestic politics-challenges similar to many that Americans have faced from abroad since the nation’s founding. But it is only in recent decades that links have been drawn between the study of American political development and international relations; even now, emphasis falls primarily on how domestic politics affects the world arena. This book redresses the imbalance.


City Shaped Churches Planting Churches in a Global Era

Free Download Michael D. Crane, "City Shaped Churches: Planting Churches in a Global Era"
English | 2018 | pages: 398 | ISBN: 0998917788 | EPUB | 1,3 mb
Yes, there certainly are many obstacles to urban church planting. The challenge of refraining from insisting on suburban models for urban settings, the soaring cost of living expenses in global urban settings, the challenges inherent in diverse over homogenous contexts, the continual shifting of people moving in and out of cities, the multiplicity of global religions and worldviews- these things can sometimes seem formidable. However, God, who loves cities, and the promise of Kingdom come are truly worth the struggle. Our urban church planting work will be more effective if it is intentional about being both responsive to what is going on around us and in the world and proactive to the possibilities God has placed before us. It is Linda and Michael’s hope that this book will help its readers become more willing to experiment and more willing to be hopeful about the possibility for starting thousands and thousands of vibrant urban churches.


How Information Warfare Shaped the Arab Spring The Politics of Narrative in Tunisia and Egypt The Politics of Narrative in Eg

Free Download How Information Warfare Shaped the Arab Spring: The Politics of Narrative in Tunisia and Egypt: The Politics of Narrative in Egypt and Tunisia By Nathaniel Greenberg
2019 | 276 Pages | ISBN: 1474453953 | PDF | 15 MB
On January 28 2011 WikiLeaks released documents from a cache of US State Department cables stolen the previous year. The Daily Telegraph in London published one of the memos with an article headlined ‘Secret US Backing for Egyptian rebels’. The effect of the revelation was immediate, helping set in motion an aggressive counter-narrative to the nascent story of the Arab Spring. The article featured a cluster of virulent commentators all pushing the same story: the CIA, George Soros and Hillary Clinton were attempting to take over Egypt. Many of these commentators were trolls, some of whom reappeared in 2016 to help elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. This book tells the story of how a proxy-communications war ignited and hijacked the Arab uprisings and how individuals on the ground, on air and online worked to shape history.