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The Shift Toward a Skills-First Mindset – A Thought-Leader Roundtable

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Released 9/2023
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Skills, not just degrees, are rapidly becoming the new employment currency as we reevaluate a candidate or existing employee’s ability to succeed in a given job. But where do you start? What does skills-first hiring mean, and how do you make it a deliberate part of your talent management strategies? Join this panel of experts to explore the why, the what, and the how of skills-first approaches. Learn why skills-first thinking is on the rise, what challenges it may present for business leaders, and how a skills-first model can unlock opportunity and advance DEI strategies. Dive into practical approaches for discussing skills-first in your organization, implementing skills-first hiring, integrating skills-first through your whole talent pipeline, and using skills-first for internal mobility. Plus, go over tips to leverage existing tools, key takeaways for leaders, and ways you can explore what’s next.


On Making a Shift in the Study of Religion and Other Essays

Free Download Russell T. McCutcheon, "On Making a Shift in the Study of Religion and Other Essays"
English | ISBN: 3110721422 | 2021 | 245 pages | EPUB, PDF | 2 MB + 1169 KB
Although many would today argue that the onetime dominance of the phenomenology of religion has receded, and with it the traditional approach to studying religion as a unique and deeply-felt experience that defies explanation, the essays collected here take quite the opposite stand: that this approach has merely been re-branded and continues to characterize much work being done in the field today. Offering a different way forward-one that is based on experiences gained by the members of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama, a program that has successfully reinvented itself over the past 20 years-the book includes a variety of practical suggestions for how members of Religious Studies departments can revise their approach to studying and teaching about religion. Seeing religion instead as mundane but always exemplary of basic social elements found all across cultures, the volume argues that the way forward for this field lies not in the specialness of its object of study but, instead, the fact that thinking and acting as if something is special is itself an ordinary aspect of history and culture. Making just this shift helps the scholar of religion to contribute to wide, interdisciplinary conversations all across the Humanities and Social Sciences, demonstrating the practical relevance of their work.


Sentencing Time for a Paradigm Shift

Free Download Ralph Henham, "Sentencing: Time for a Paradigm Shift "
English | ISBN: 0415693667 | 2013 | 216 pages | EPUB | 1138 KB
Sentencing is the process through which the legitimacy of punishment is declared and justified. However, it is increasingly portrayed as a social activity which should be more responsive to the pluralistic needs and values of individuals and communities in contemporary society. It will therefore have to adapt to an array of different perceptions of what justice is and how it should be delivered, as well as different sensitivities and emotional responses to sentencing processes and outcomes.