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Wartime Industry (Shire Library)

Wartime Industry (Shire Library) by Neil R. Storey
English | 17 Mar. 2022 | ISBN: 1784425028 | True EPUB | 64 pages | 20 MB
An illustrated introduction to how British industries, supported by thousands of newly recruited women, strove to meet the nation’s wartime need for munitions, armour, shipping, uniforms and aircraft.


A Century of Motoring (Shire Library)

A Century of Motoring (Shire Library) by Jon Pressnell
English | 10 May 2015 | ISBN: 0747815100 | True EPUB | 112 pages | 13.6 MB
The lot of the motorist has changed greatly over the last hundred years. In the early twentieth century, only the most wealthy could afford a motor car and there were very few rules and regulations. Now most British people own a car and are protected by air bags and crumple zones, but also hemmed in by parking regulations, traffic jams and speed restrictions.