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Getting Started with SketchUp Pro Embark on your 3D modeling adventure with expert tips, tricks, and best practices

Free Download Getting Started with SketchUp Pro: Embark on your 3D modeling adventure with expert tips, tricks, and best practices by David S. Sellers
English | April 28, 2023 | ISBN: 1789800188 | 658 pages | EPUB | 50 Mb
Level up your 3D design skills with SketchUp Pro by employing real-world examples and design guidelines


Domestika – Introduction to SketchUp

Free Download Domestika – Introduction to SketchUp.
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If you want to start shaping your ideas and communicating them in 3D, this is the design software for you. It’s user-friendly and allows for a quick and efficient 3D modeling process. In this five-course Basics, master SketchUp from scratch and model in three dimensions with designer and 3D visualization specialist Alejandro Soriano. This software offers a complete set of tools for designing an entire project from start to finish. In the first course, get familiarized with the software and learn to use basic tools: configure the camera, create your first lines, and see how to generate volume. Then, learn how to customize your keyboard with shortcuts. Start the second course by drawing using polygons and a range of useful tools such as Move, Copy Models, and Select, and discover the different volume types. In the third course, learn to create and manage groups and components, seeing how to integrate them on surfaces or orient them towards the camera. Do this for both component and group solids. Then see how to model with the Scale tool and Solids.