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Writing Diaspora South Asian Women, Culture and Ethnicity (Studies in Migration and Diaspora)

Free Download Writing Diaspora: South Asian Women, Culture and Ethnicity (Studies in Migration and Diaspora) By Yasmin Hussain
2005 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 0754641139 | PDF | 10 MB
Issues of cultural hybridity, diaspora and identity are central to debates on ethnicity and race and, over the past decade, have framed many theoretical debates in sociology, cultural studies and literary studies. However, these ideas are all too often considered at a purely theoretical level. In this book Yasmin Hussain uses these ideas to explore cultural production by British South Asian women including Monica Ali, Meera Syal and Gurinder Chadha. Hussain provides a sociological analysis of the contexts and experiences of the British South Asian community, discussing key concerns that emerge within the work of this new generation of women writers and which express more widespread debates within the community. In particular these authors address issues of individual and group identity and the ways in which these are affected by ethnicity and gender. Hussain argues that in exploring the different dimensions of their cultural heritage, the authors she surveys have created changes within the meaning of the diasporic identity, articulating a challenge to the notion of ‘Asianness’ as a homogenous and simple category. In her examination of the process through which a hybridized diasporic culture has come into being, she offers an important contribution to some of the key questions in recent sociological and cultural theory.


Science and Catholicism in the Universities of South-East Europe 1800 to 1920

Free Download Ana Biočić, "Science and Catholicism in the Universities of South-East Europe: 1800 to 1920 "
English | ISBN: 1636671527 | 2023 | 236 pages | EPUB, PDF | 659 KB + 15 MB
This edited collection sheds new light on the complex dialogue between religion and science that played out at universities in South-East Europe during the 19th and early 20th centuries.


Murder Houses of South London

Free Download Jan Bondeson, "Murder Houses of South London"
English | 2015 | pages: 384 | ISBN: 1784623342 | EPUB | 11,7 mb
South London has a long and blood-spattered history of capital crime and many of its murder houses still stand today. There are many forgotten murders in South London, where only the murder house remains… Murder mysteries fill the pages of this book – some of them celebrated crimes, like the murder of Charles Bravo at Balham in 1876. Others remain forgotten tragedies, like the murder of Jane Soper in the Borough in 1875. This book will take you on a journey through some of the most notorious crimes in South London, including the Brixton Matricide, the Battersea Tragedy and the Tooting Horror.