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Spot the Bullsht Trivia Challenge Find the Lies (and Learn the Truth) from Science, History, Sports, Pop Culture [Audiobook]

Free Download Spot the Bullsh*t Trivia Challenge: Find the Lies (and Learn the Truth) from Science, History, Sports, Pop Culture, and More! (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CMK1VWB7 | 2024 | 5 hours and 14 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 256 MB
Author: Neil Patrick Stewart
Narrator: Max Meyers

Learn some amazing truths about sports, science, history, and more with this interactive trivia book asking you to spot the lie-perfect for a personal challenge or group game night! Was Cleopatra the last Egyptian pharaoh? Can you really make diamonds out of tequila? Is the platypus actually poisonous? Think you can spot the fake? Get your bullsh*t radar warmed up, because each entry in Spot the Bullsh*t hides one well-crafted fib among a pair of unbelievable truths. And it’s up to you to figure out what’s fascinating and what’s full of sh*t in science, history, pop culture and more. The book also reveals whether you’re right or wrong as well as more information on the true trivia-and why you might have fallen for the fake fact. Whether you’re in the mood to learn some fun facts or challenge your friends in a game of trivia, this book has you covered.


The 9 Types of Difficult People How to spot them and quickly improve working relationships [Audiobook]

Free Download Nick Robinson, Dennis Kleinman (Narrator), "The 9 Types of Difficult People: How to spot them and quickly improve working relationships"
English | ASIN: B0CRLGW16C | 2024 | MP3@64 kbps | ~05:31:00 | 157 MB
This book is for anyone who has experienced a difficult person at work. Revealing the nine different types of difficult people, there’s a quick quiz so you can work out the personality type you’re dealing with, and how to communicate with them effectively.
– Decode the warning signs through stories of each type
– Discover practical tools and techniques for dealing with each type


X Marks the Spot Debunking Pirate Myths [Audiobook]

Free Download X Marks the Spot: Debunking Pirate Myths (Audiobook)
English | ISBN: 9781456643089 | 2023 | 2 hours and 48 minutes | M4B@192 kbps | 232 MB
Author: Edward Finnegan
Narrator: Percival Kingsley

Sail Beyond Myths and into the Heart of Piracy’s True Tales. Embark on a historical voyage with "X Marks the Spot: Debunking Pirate Myths," delving deep into the true tales of piracy. Set sail in The Golden Age of Piracy, uncovering the authentic lives of buccaneers obscured by myths. Challenge misconceptions about the Jolly Roger’s origins and explore the harsh reality of pirate existence, contrasting with the romanticized freedom. Navigate the treacherous waters of the Pirate’s Code, questioning its democratic implications. Discover the reality behind buried treasure and the betrayals driven by greed.


Spot the Description A Riddle Book of Book Riddles

Free Download Lynn Munsinger, "Spot the Description: A Riddle Book of Book Riddles"
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0811846687 | EPUB | pages: 36 | 7.8 mb
Thirteen witty and wacky poems pose riddles that challenge readers to "Name That Book." With a glass slipper here and a spiderweb there, Lynn Munsinger’s adorable illustrations lead young readers to the solutions. From Goodnight Moon to Madeline, children and parents alike will delight in recognizing their most cherished stories.


Blind Spot The Secret History of American Counterterrorism

Free Download Tim Naftali, "Blind Spot: The Secret History of American Counterterrorism"
English | 2005 | pages: 416 | ISBN: 0465092810, 0465092829 | EPUB | 0,5 mb
In this revelatory new account, national security historian Timothy Naftali relates the full back story of America’s attempts to fight terrorism. On September 11, 2001, a long history of failures, missteps, and blind spots in our intelligence services came to a head, with tragic results.At the end of World War II, the OSS’s "X-2" department had established a seamless system for countering the threats of die-hard Nazi terrorists. But those capabilities were soon forgotten, and it wasn’t until 1968, when Palestinian groups began a series of highly publicized airplane hijackings, that the U.S. began to take counterterrorism seriously. Naftali narrates the game of "catch-up" that various administrations and the CIA played -with varying degrees of success-from the Munich Games hostage-taking to the raft of terrorist incidents in the mid-1980s through the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and up to 9/11.In riveting detail, Naftali shows why holes in U.S. homeland security discovered by Vice President George H. W. Bush in 1986 were still a problem when his son became President, and why George W. Bush did little to fix them until it was too late. Naftali concludes that open, liberal democracies like the U.S. are incapable of effectively stopping terrorism. For anyone concerned about the future of America’s security, this masterful history will be necessary-and eye-opening-reading.


Pulsar Modular P440 Sweet Spot v1.5.2

Free Download Pulsar Modular P440 Sweet Spot v1.5.2 | 19.1 Mb
You have very likely heard words similar to the following uttered many times about mastering: "it makes the music come to life" or "it is the final polish that transitions into something breathtaking" or "It is like… magic!". The wizardry lies in the hands of the practitioner of course, but surely, as all wizards wield an unassuming yet infinitely powerful device that is a conduit between their mystical knowledge and the physical world, so does the mastering engineer. To the wizard, it is the magic wand and to the mastering engineer, it is the equalizer.