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Aaron Stewart – Getting Started with Git 2

Instructors: Aaron Stewart | 4 Lessons | Duration: 2h 2m
Video: MP4 1280×720 44 KHz | English | Level: Beginner | Size: 283 MB
Version control is at the center of any file based project. Whether, you’re a software developer, project manager, team member, student, or anyone who works on file based projects; keeping track of changes is essential to creating a great product. In this course, Getting Started with Git, you’ll learn the popular version control system Git and why it plays a significant role in creating better projects. First, you’ll see the basics of understanding Git. Next, you’ll start your journey with Steve, a local coffee shop owner, and explore how Git elevates his project in a fun and easy step-by-step experience. Finally, you’ll discover common and extended commands used in Git everyday. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a working knowledge of Git as a version control system for your project.


Student Solutions Manual for Stewart’s Single Variable Calculus, 7th

Student Solutions Manual for Stewart’s Single Variable Calculus, 7th By James Stewart
2011 | 579 Pages | ISBN: 0840049498 | PDF | 12 MB
This manual includes worked-out solutions to every odd-numbered exercise in Single Variable Calculus, 7e (Chapters 1-11 of Calculus, 7e).The Study Guide is also valuable in terms of practice and feedback. The philosophy of the Stewart sequence is, I believe, to combine theory, proofs along with applications and problem-solving. The feedback in the Student Solutions and the Study Guide provides a way to keep the student moving in the right direction.