G. C Nayak, "Madhyamika Sunyata – A Reappraisal"
English | 2001 | ISBN: 8185636478 | PDF | pages: 103 | 4.9 mb
If I may be permitted to indulge, at the outset, in a little excursion into my past for acknowledging some of my intellectual debts while speaking about my own background that has led to my recent preoccupation with the subject, particularly the Madhyamika thought, I must admit that my interest in Buddhism and Vedānta goes as far back as my post-graduate days at Allahabad during 1955-56, when I was introduced to uddhism mainly through the Vedānta polemics as highlighted in the scholarly presentations of works such as Mukeijee’s Nature of Self as well as in the works of Sankara himself, e.g. in his Brahma Sūtra Bhäsya and the Upanipad Bhasyas which I had made a point in those days to study in original as a part of my daily duty, swädhyäya. At the same time, I also developed a keen interest in those days in an independent study of Buddhism as an important trend in Indian thought; the credit for this largely goes to my study of Hiriyanna’s Outlines discussing in an inimitable style Buddhism along with its different schools with remarkable objectivity, impartiality, as well as clarity and also to my subsequent study of Murti’s Central Philosophy of Buddhismand Stcherbatsky’s Conception of Buddhist Nirvana, works of seminal importance in the field.