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Transgressive Romanticism

Larry H. Peer, "Transgressive Romanticism"
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1527503615 | PDF | pages: 216 | 4.8 mb
Romanticism is an intuitive grasp of the self and the other in an interdependent imperative, non-systematic, transcendent, radically individuated, and endlessly interconnective. The set of norms Romanticism represents and broadcasts, therefore, lends itself particularly well to interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic study, essentially demanding a view coming from and constructed out of more than one discourse field. These norms radically transgress not only the cultural and literary inheritance of thinkers and artists beginning in the late eighteenth century, but do so in a transnational and comparative way unique in Western history. This collection of essays, bringing together established scholars and newer academic voices, offers fresh perspectives on what Romanticism thought itself to be by suggesting spaces in Romanticism studies needing negotiation and elaboration. Presenting a protocol that escapes the circular referentiality of Romanticism studies typically limited to one academic discipline or one language area, this volume works through topics and ideas including Hegelian reflections, lyric poetry, stage drama, music, political implications, and even vampires, outlaws and zombies.


Transgressive Television Politics and Crime in 21st-Century American TV Series

Birgit Däwes, Alexandra Ganser, Nicole Poppenhagen, "Transgressive Television: Politics and Crime in 21st-Century American TV Series"
English | 2015 | pages: 359 | ISBN: 3825365441 | PDF | 2,9 mb
Since the turn of the 21st century, the landscape of television has decisively changed. Whereas seriality had been part and parcel of television entertainment since the 1940s, the past two decades have witnessed the rise of new technologies and increasingly ""complex and elaborate forms"" (Mittell 2015), with HBO and Netflix playing leading roles. Particularly in its manifold transgressions of political, social, and ethical boundaries, the contemporary American TV serial serves as both a laboratory for and diagnostic platform of current epistemes and ideological codes.