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Peter Coulson Photography – Lighting – My Travel Lighting

Free Download Peter Coulson Photography – Lighting – My Travel Lighting
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Peter works every day of his life, even when we travel, he still shoots on his days off as he just loves creating incredible photos. Because we don’t always know what our Airbnb will be like in terms of natural light, Peter has a few essential lighting items he always brings with him to be able to create a studio anywhere in the world. In these tutorials, he shows you the equipment he travels with and 5 different looks you can achieve with it.


Art + Travel Europe Step into the Lives of Five Famous Painters

Free Download Museyon Guides, "Art + Travel Europe: Step into the Lives of Five Famous Painters"
English | 2010 | pages: 208 | ISBN: 0982232055 | EPUB | 64,5 mb
Van Gogh,Munch, Vermeer, Caravaggio, Goya-five artists who have captured the imagination and continue to inspire. Now see the world through their eyes with Art+ Travel Europe, a new guidebook from Museyon Guides, the publisher of Music & Travel Worldwide and the Film & Travel series. Curated by industry experts, Art+ Travel Europe is the first guidebook to feature detailed walking tours of the five cities where these artists lived, loved, and labored. Readers will discover the sights and stories behind such iconic works as Starry Night and The Scream, go on the run to retrace the steps of Caravaggio in exile, plus much, much more. You know their art; now step into their lives.