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Vedic Math Demystified Math Made Simple

Pankaj Sharma, Neetu Sharma, "Vedic Math Demystified: Math Made Simple"
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1475086431 | ASIN: B007NUPI5M | EPUB | pages: 206 | 0.7 mb
This Book presents techniques taken from ancient Vedic system that helps to do calculations much faster than the normal techniques. The book is helpful for students in school as well as for those planning to appear in competitive exams such as SAT, GMAT, CAT, NTSE, Olympiad and other competitive examinations. To demonstrate the practical application sample problems from these exams are solved using Vedic techniques in this book.


Quick Calculation in Mathematics Using Vedic Mathematics

Geeta Arora, "Quick Calculation in Mathematics: Using Vedic Mathematics"
English | 2021 | ASIN: B091757MQC, B091F5SL4R | EPUB | pages: 162 | 3.4 mb
This book is meant to provide new ways to help students as well as the grownups in learning different ways of calculation in contrast to the traditional way. The mentioned techniques provide several stress-free methods to perform tedious calculations in just a few seconds. Using the methods discussed in the books the calculation can be done fast and error-free that will obviously lead to better performance. At the end of each chapter, various mathematical puzzles are provided open the new way of logical thinking.


World Vedic Heritage – A History of Histories

P N Oak, "World Vedic Heritage – A History of Histories"
English | 2003 | pages: 1408 | ISBN: 8188388246, ASIN: B002A9V28I | PDF | 138,5 mb
All mundane activity is a co-operative effort; so is this work which is hereby dedicated to my family members , relations , friends and the printers who helped in various ways in the completion of this project.