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Promises to Keep A British Vet in Africa

Hugh Cran, "Promises to Keep: A British Vet in Africa"
English | ISBN: 1906122970 | 2015 | 320 pages | EPUB | 1091 KB
Hugh Cran has left his native Scotland to work as a vet in Kenya where he tends to the animals of the local ranchers and the domestic pets of the local community. His daily life is a ceaseless colourful wheel of dawn-to-dusk activity which offers Hugh an insight into the local tribes and the international ex-pat community in equal measure as he copes with rabied dogs to entire herds of sick cattle, and with a surgery fire, near-death on a fishing trip and, despite working 18 hour days, he even finds time to fall in love and start a family. Hugh’s witty observations and professional approach, in which he always gives his clients his best, makes this a lively and engaging read about what it is to be a vet at the sharp end and to survive in Kenya.