Free Download Tim McLelland – Vulcan: RAF’S Atomic Avenger (Aeroplane Icons)
Kelsey Publishing | 2014 | ISBN: 1907426787 | English | 132 pages | PDF | 102.75 MB
It is perhaps surprising that the "Swinging Sixties" are now half a century away. Five decades ago, Britain was a country full of optimism and opportunity, freed from years of austerity created by the long, dark years of the Second World War. It was an era when permissiveness and prosperity seemed to be the nation’s future, but it was also a time when Britain faced the possibility of no future at all. During one fearful weekend early in the 1960s, it seemed likely that the United Kingdom was about to face utter destruction, and preparations were made to initiate what would have been the Third World War, even though most of Britain’s people went about their daily lives almost oblivious to the horror that was unfolding inside the military and political corridors of power. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a critical event when the prospect of nuclear war seemed to be almost inevitable, but history records that even though the unthinkable briefly became almost a certainty, the prospect of an all-out nuclear exchange between the East and West was a step that neither of the protagonists were ultimately prepared to take.