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The Waterloo Archive Volume 5 – German Sources

Free Download Gareth Glover, "The Waterloo Archive: Volume 5 – German Sources"
English | ISBN: 184832684X | 2013 | 304 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Much of the material available to readers in the English language interested in the exploits of the troops of Hanover, Brunswick and Nassau is in the form of dry official reports, which stick to the basic facts and avoid all sentimentality and emotion. However, unbeknown to virtually anyone in the English-speaking world interested in the more human aspects of these ‘foreign’ troops fighting alongside the British at Waterloo, there are a number of memoirs and sets of letters, which have been published in Germany over the last two centuries.


Five Forks Waterloo of the Confederacy

Robert Alexander, "Five Forks: Waterloo of the Confederacy"
English | ISBN: 0870136712 | 2003 | 158 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
The Battle of Five Forks was one of the the last battles of the American Civil War. A week later, Lee surrendered. Two weeks later, Lincoln was dead. In this meditation on that battle, Alexander juxtaposes the story of the battle, which he tells through narrative, letters, and journal entries, with his own impressions, viewing the South through Northern eyes. In addition, he views contemporary American society through the story of the Civil War and specifically through the story of Five Forks. If it is true that we meet our past coming to us out of the future, then, Alexander posits, America is still grappling with issues unresolved by the Civil War. Those issues are not just the obvious ones of race and class, or of North vs. South, but also the more ephemeral issues surrounding the mythos Americans live by.