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Leverage the one Google Ads feature most marketers don’t know about, and turn it into a treasure trove of knowledge for your PPC campaigns.

  • Learn how to run search experiments for responsive ads, and combine them with Google’s auto-testing to stay ahead of the industry.
  • Build custom experiments and get case studies with the recommended tests you should run in all your accounts.
  • Apply experimentation to other campaign types, including Performance Max.

Want to be in the top 1% of PPC experts? Start experimenting
Google auto-tests your ads pretty efficiently. But if you want to stay ahead of the PPC industry, you have to apply proper experimentation to your campaigns.
This course helps you create custom experiments, test the impact of your Performance Max campaigns, or experiment with responsive ads.
Google will handle the split testing, and you’ll optimize your ads while learning from Susan Wenograd, a world-class PPC expert.