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Parker Worth – The Story System Download 2023

Free Download Parker Worth – The Story System Download Links 2023 ⭐✅ ⭐✅ ⭐✅

Module 1: Why Storytelling is The Most Important Skill to Learn

Module 2: How to Generate 100s of Story Ideas in 20 Minutes

Module 3: Know Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves

Module 4: Thread Writing Course

Module 5: The Story System: My Secret Sauce

Module 6: The Story System: Proven Templates for Threads, Giveaways, and Breakdowns

Module 7: Growth Strategy: Get Bespoke Advice for YOUR Follower Count

Module 8: Digital Storytelling Course


Persons, Moral Worth, and Embryos A Critical Analysis of Pro-Choice Arguments

Free Download Stephen Napier, "Persons, Moral Worth, and Embryos: A Critical Analysis of Pro-Choice Arguments"
English | 2011 | pages: 287 | ISBN: 9400736592, 940071601X | PDF | 2,8 mb
"Bioethicists have achieved consensus on two ideas pertaining to beginning of life issues: (1) persons are those beings capable of higher-order cognition, or self-consciousness, and (2) it is impermissible to kill only persons. As a consequence, a consensus is reached regarding the permissibility of both destroying human embryos for research purposes and abortion. The present collection aims to interact critically with this consensus. Authors address various aspects of this ‘orthodoxy’. Issues discussed include: theories of personhood and in particular the role of thought experiments used in support of such theories; the notion of an intrinsic potential and the moral relevance of having one; new formulations of the virtue argument against abortion rights; four-dimensionalism and abortion; the notion of moral status and who (or what) has it; scientific accounts of what a human being is, as well as addressing empirical evidence of fetal consciousness; and analysis of the public policy implications given the epistemic status of pro-choice arguments. Given the issues discussed and that the arguments in critical focus are fairly new, the collection provides a novel, comprehensive, and rigorous analysis of contemporary pro-choice arguments."


A Flag Worth Dying For The Power and Politics of National Symbols

Free Download Tim Marshall, "A Flag Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of National Symbols"
English | 2017 | pages: 290 | ISBN: 1501176641, 1501168339 | EPUB | 57,1 mb
Combining keen analysis of current events with world history, Tim Marshall, author of the New York Times bestseller Prisoners of Geography, "one of the best books on geopolitics you could imagine," (The Evening Standard), explains flags and their symbols-how their power is used to unite and divide populations and intimidate enemies.


Ultimate Self Worth And Self Esteem Guide

Free Download Ultimate Self Worth And Self Esteem Guide
Published 9/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.17 GB | Duration: 2h 19m
Heal from everything that’s holding you back from living your best life and step into a life of radical self acceptance


Live WELLthy Own Your Worth, Grow Your Wealth [Audiobook]

Free Download Live WELLthy: Own Your Worth, Grow Your Wealth (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0C1CSMYXD | 2023 | 5 hours and 32 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 306 MB
Author: Dawn Dahlby
Narrator: Melissa Moran

You deserve a healthy relationship with your wealth. What does it mean to be truly wealthy? It’s not about just having money in the bank. It’s about living a "WELLthy life," where you create your own unique balance between earning and spending, saving and giving, work and play. A wealth-building plan for a WELLthy life supports a meaning-filled lifestyle aligned with your purpose, happiness, and self-worth. In Live WELLthy, Dawn Dahlby encourages you to build a road map for your own WELLthy life by providing helpful insights, examples from her practice and her own life, and useful prompts and exercises. You will come away from Live WELLthy inspired and ready to live your best life, a WELLthy life.


The Worth of Art Financial Tools for the Art Markets

Free Download The Worth of Art: Financial Tools for the Art Markets by Arturo Cifuentes, Ventura Charlin
English | July 4th, 2023 | ISBN: 0231201788 | 272 pages | True EPUB | 7.52 MB
The market for art can be as eye-catching as artworks themselves. Works by artists from da Vinci and Rembrandt to Picasso and Modigliani have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. The world’s ultrawealthy increasingly treat art as part of their portfolios. Since artworks are often valuable assets, how should financial professionals analyze them?


This Book is Worth EURO25,000 Easy ways to save thousands of euro right now

Free Download This Book is Worth EURO25,000: Easy ways to save thousands of euro right now by Karl Deeter
English | 2017 | ISBN: 0717175634 | 215 pages | PDF | 1.12 Mb
How would you like to increase the amount of money you have to spare without doing any extra work? So much of what we hear about personal finance is confusing, time-consuming or a lot of hassle. Here, the authors promise that with some very small, simple changes to how you manage your money, you can vastly improve your financial outlook. Each chapter covers a single common personal finance topic, and explains how you can make better choices in this area, the amount you can expect to save over a year, the time it will take to follow the tip, and a star rating for the complexity or hassle factor (one star being the easiest and fastest, five stars requiring the most commitment). Personal finance experts Charlie Weston and Karl Deeter see every day how too many of us pay over the odds, get ripped off or simply don’t maximise the money we have. Here they share all the money-saving tips and tricks they have garnered over the years. It may seem hard to believe, but each chapter has a value, and if you were to use them all to their fullest extent, this book can save you up to €25,000.