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JMMGC Write-a-Document

Free Download JMMGC Write-a-Document | 3.6 Mb
Documents created with Write-a-Document are compatible with most other word processing programs. Conversely, you can also open Word documents.3) If you have already worked with a word processing program, you will quickly find your way around. This software could also be of interest to you if you need a word processor but not a complete Office package.


How Not to Write a Novel Confessions of a Mid-List Author

Free Download David Armstrong, "How Not to Write a Novel: Confessions of a Mid-List Author"
English | 2001 | ISBN: 0749006803 | EPUB | pages: 224 | 0.3 mb
Every week, agents and ✅Publishers receive hundreds of manuscripts from would-be authors. Of these, less than one percent will make it into print. David Armstrong was one of the lucky ones – his first crime novel plucked from the slush pile and published to acclaim. But it rapidly became clear to Armstrong that being a published novelist is not always as glamorous as it seems from the outside. There are the depressing, ill-attended readings, the bitchy writers’ conventions, and the bookshops that have never heard of you and don’t stock your book. All of these will be familiar to any writer who, like Armstrong, falls into the category euphemistically known in publishing as ‘mid-list’. The reality is that for every J K Rowling there are 1,000 David Armstrongs; for every writer who is put up in a five-star hotel and flies first class courtesy of their ✅Publisher there are 1,000 who sleep on friends’ floors during book tours and dine at highway service stations… Witty, acerbic and wise, "How Not To Write A Novel" lifts the lid on publishing. From agents to editors, publicists to sales reps, it explains the publishing process – and how to survive it – from the point of view of a non-bestselling writer. A unique book, it is essential reading for anyone who dreams of getting their novel published – and for anyone curious about the inside workings of the publishing game.


Read Write Own Building the Next Era of the Internet [Audiobook]

Free Download Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0C922X6VJ | 2024 | 8 hours and 9 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 239 MB
Author: Chris Dixon
Narrator: Chris Dixon, Robert Petkoff

A potent exploration of the power of blockchains to reshape the future of the internet-and how that affects us all-from influential technology entrepreneur and startup investor Chris Dixon. The internet of today is a far cry from its early promise of a decentralized, democratic network of innovation, connection, and freedom. In the past decade, it has fallen almost entirely under the control of a very small group of companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. In Read Write Own, tech visionary Chris Dixon argues that the dream of an open network for fostering creativity and entrepreneurship doesn’t have to die and can, in fact, be saved with blockchain networks. He separates this movement, which aims to provide a solid foundation for everything from social networks to artificial intelligence to virtual worlds, from cryptocurrency speculation-a distinction he calls "the computer vs. the casino."


Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Speculative Genre Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers

Free Download Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Speculative Genre Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers by Laurie Lamson
English | 2014 | ISBN: 039916555X | 384 Pages | EPUB | 667.6 KB
Featuring speculative fiction-writing exercises from Harlan Ellison (R), Piers Anthony, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Ketchum, screenwriters of The Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and many more.


How to Write A .com Business Plan

Free Download How to Write A .com Business Plan: The Internet Entrepreneur’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Business Plans and Financing Options by Joanne Eglash
English | 2000 | ISBN: 007135753X | 191 Pages | PDF | 5.9 MB
This volume focuses on the special needs, opportunities and requirements of online business.