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Published 7/2023
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Google Vertex AI , Boost Efficiency, AI Automation, AI Helper, AI Data, Generative AI

What you’ll learn
How to Use Goole Vertex AI for Quality Engineering
Improve Test automation with AI
Setup CI/CD pipelines with Vertex AI
Improve efficiency of working wit AI
Perform a validation for stories with Generative AI
Use Generative AI as a tutor
SQL and VertexAI
Generate and manipulate Test Data with AI
no programming experience needed
This introductory course is designed specifically for Software Quality Engineers interested in leveraging the power of Generative AI to enhance their testing, automation, and productivity.Throughout the course, participants will learn how to apply Generative AI techniques to automate the generation of test cases, simulate user behavior, create user stories, and generate test data. The course will provide a practical understanding of how AI can be used to improve software quality and boost productivity, rather than focusing on the underlying AI algorithms and models.Topics:Understanding Generative AI: An overview of Generative AI and its applications in software testing and quality assurance.Automated Test Generation: Learn how to use Generative AI to automatically generate a variety of test cases, reducing manual effort and increasing test coverage.Automated User Story Creation: Understand how Generative AI can be used to generate user stories, helping to streamline the requirements gathering and software development process.Test Data Creation: Learn how Generative AI can be used to generate test data, ensuring comprehensive and effective testing while saving time and effort.Code Investigation: Discover how Generative AI can assist in investigating complex code, identifying potential issues, and understanding code dependencies.Code Explanation: Learn how Generative AI can be used to explain code behavior, making it easier to understand complex code and improve code quality.Boosting Productivity: Understand how these Generative AI techniques can be integrated into your existing workflows to boost productivity, improve software quality, and accelerate delivery times.AI Model Trainer. Lean how to train your own AI modelUnderstand CI/CD Concepts with AI
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course Structure
Section 2: Setup Vertex AI in Google Cloud Platform
Lecture 2 Setting up the account
Lecture 3 Create Project
Lecture 4 Orientation in Vertex AI
Lecture 5 Prompt Exampels
Lecture 6 First Prompt
Lecture 7 Temperature of Model
Lecture 8 Model Training – Manual
Lecture 9 Model Training JSONL
Lecture 10 Connecting through an API
Section 3: VERTEX AI – Artifact Generator / Accelerator
Lecture 11 AI explains a Testing Principle
Lecture 12 Rapid Start Documentation
Lecture 13 Aid in tool Assesment
Lecture 14 Identify Test Cases
Lecture 15 Generate Gerkin Scenarios
Section 4: VERTEX AI for code Generation
Lecture 16 Generation of BDD – Cucumber Feature File
Lecture 17 Generate Usable code from feature file
Lecture 18 Enhance Code for FrontEnd Selectors
Lecture 19 Generate the Page Object Model
Lecture 20 Decouple Code – Test Data Example
Lecture 21 Generate Unique Test Data
Lecture 22 Switch between data Sets
Lecture 23 Generate Payload from Code
Lecture 24 Generate Tests from Code
Lecture 25 Cluster Test Data Together
Lecture 26 Generate CURL – HTTP Calls
Lecture 27 AI generates Postman Collection
Lecture 28 Transform to Rest Assured
Section 5: Understanding Concepts
Lecture 29 Understand a WSDL
Lecture 30 Find Solution for coding challenges
Lecture 31 Resolve Dependencies- POM.XML
Lecture 32 Explain Code
Lecture 33 Understand CI/CD Files
Lecture 34 Understand Infrastructure – AZURE ARM
Lecture 35 Understand a DB Schema
Lecture 36 Generating SQL Code – Selects
Lecture 37 Generate SQL Code – Inserts
Lecture 38 Generate large volumes of data
Lecture 39 Import Data into DB
Lecture 40 Understand Docker file
Business Analysts,Quality engineers,Software Engineers,Scrum Masters

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