Rewriting Subconscious For Success And Wealth

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Published 9/2023
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Mastering the Law of Attraction on Deeper Level

What you’ll learn
The Law of Attraction: What Works and What Doesn’t
How to Draw Wealth Towards You
The Misconceptions about Telekinesis
Understanding the Illusion of Time
Techniques for Self-Hypnosis for wealth
Eliminating Subconscious Beliefs that Block Success
Unearthing Embedded Beliefs of Right and Wrong
5 Tools for Restructuring Subconscious Beliefs
Healing Restrictive Beliefs
Discovering Paths to Sustained Happiness
Achieving Balance in All Aspects of Life
Desire for Life Transformation
Yearning to Master Life
Having a Basic Understanding of the Law of Attraction
This course is all about understanding your inner world of money through your subconscious mind. Your subconscious controls over 90% of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, habits, and beliefs, silently influencing your financial situation. Mastering the money games through your subconscious is nine times more powerful than using sheer willpower or conscious thinking alone. If you’ve been applying the Law of Attraction or other modalities for years without much success, this course will help clear up any doubts.Through this course, you’ll learn how to harness the Law of Attraction by combining conscious and subconscious efforts. It will guide you in reconstructing your brain’s beliefs, paving the way for a fulfilling life tailored to you.Make Money Your Good FriendDo you know how to make Money your good friend?To keep money in your life just like a friend, you must understand it, not to chase it. Chasing money desperately might lead to regrets later, as the pursuit can exhaust you mentally and physically, only to realize years later that money slips through your fingers. In other words, chasing after money often leads to fruitless efforts.Money Is Not Your Master.If you’ve heard someone say, "They’re super happy, but they’re just short on cash," it means their happiness has a problem, often hidden in their subconscious, because true happiness often comes with a sense of financial abundance. Wealth and abundance are indicators of holistic health, representing a balanced state. In other words, poverty is like a disease.This course will help you uncover the deep-seated beliefs rooted in your subconscious that create money problems and financial difficulties, assist you in finding and removing barriers to wealth and happiness. The result of changing the beliefs will make money follow you.Build Your Money BlueprintTo establish an internal money blueprint, you need a systematic and consistent approach, as it’s a function of your brain. The internet is filled with information and methods about various Law of Attraction techniques, but if your money blueprint is one of poverty or lacks a foundation of abundance beliefs, the information won’t be effective, and your life won’t change.This course doesn’t just provide theory; it offers practical methods and techniques that have helped countless individuals successfully change their financial situations, allowing them to take control of their financial world.Breaking Through Stagnation and Repetition in LifeThe Law of Attraction is always at work, even though it’s invisible to the naked eye. If you’re unsatisfied with your life, it means you’re unconsciously using the Law of Attraction to attract unsatisfactory circumstances.This course will lead you to view your financial and life situations from the perspective of subconscious beliefs. Only by discovering and understanding these beliefs can you make changes and break free from the cycle of repetition in your life.【Course Structure】Part 1: The Game of AttractionWhile the "Law of Attraction" has been popular for over a decade, many of its details can be easily misunderstood. Therefore, in Part 1 – The Game of Attraction, we will unravel various aspects that are commonly misunderstood about the Law of Attraction and understand which approaches are more effective in harnessing this kind of attraction.Part 2: The Influence of the SubconsciousThe subconscious mind expresses itself differently from the conscious brain, yet society and traditional education only teach us to understand the conscious brain and logic, thus neglecting the subconscious. However, subconscious beliefs are the key to determining one’s financial situation. In this section, we will help you "see" the world that cannot be seen with the naked eye and pay attention to the inner aspects you may not have noticed before.Part 3: Becoming a CreatorTo successfully and effectively apply the Law of Attraction to change your life or financial situation, both action and thought are crucial. This section will guide you on how to lead action through thought and create the material world.Part 4 and Part 5: The Steering Power of Consciousness & Hidden Automation PowerConsciousness and the subconscious are different parts of the brain, each with its own role. Therefore, to harness the Law of Attraction, it’s necessary to simultaneously understand and apply these two "brains." Parts 4 and 5 will teach you how to control the intangible attraction by understanding concepts of time, controlling emotional states, and uncovering hidden beliefs.Part 6: Becoming Your Own Mind ControllerThis section will gradually lead you through self-hypnosis.All the outcomes in life accumulate over time, and learning self-hypnosis will allow you to change automatic and repetitive life patterns more effectively and rapidly.
Section 1: Warm Up
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Get to Know the Course and Instructor
Lecture 3 The Process of Awakening
Lecture 4 Course Guidelines
Lecture 5 Course Q&A
Section 2: The Game of Attraction
Lecture 6 Misconceptions About the Law of Attraction
Lecture 7 The Game of Energy
Lecture 8 The Language of the Universe
Lecture 9 Energy from All Directions
Lecture 10 The Power of Focus
Lecture 11 Meditation: Focusing on Ideal Things
Section 3: The Influence of the Subconscious
Lecture 12 Homeostasis and Creativity
Lecture 13 Why It Happened Again
Lecture 14 Your Relationship with Money
Lecture 15 Opportunities and Obstacles
Lecture 16 Imprinted Beliefs
Lecture 17 Transforming the Past and Future Together
Lecture 18 Meditation – Adjusting Your Financial Comfort Zone
Section 4: Becoming a Creator
Lecture 19 The Definition of Creation
Lecture 20 The Thought Power Not Enough
Lecture 21 Approach Success
Lecture 22 The Source of Motivation
Lecture 23 Two Misconceptions
Lecture 24 Meditation: Celebrating a Successful Life
Section 5: The Steering Power of Consciousness
Lecture 25 The Victorious Group of Life
Lecture 26 Five Secrets to Control Your Emotional State
Lecture 27 Clearing Up Misconceptions
Lecture 28 The Illusion of Time
Lecture 29 Taking Control of Your World
Lecture 30 Meditation to Replace Beliefs
Section 6: The Hidden Power of Automation
Lecture 31 Rooted Fears
Lecture 32 Discovering Beliefs
Lecture 33 The Hidden Power of Relationships
Lecture 34 Discovering Fear
Lecture 35 Light and Heavy Beliefs
Lecture 36 Guided Meditation: Dissolving the Walls of the Heart
Section 7: Becoming Your Own Hypnotherapist
Lecture 37 Introduction to Self-Hypnosis
Lecture 38 Preparing for Self-Hypnosis
Lecture 39 Guiding Self-Hypnosis
Lecture 40 Hypnosis and Millionaires
Section 8: Conclusion and Extra Content
Lecture 41 Conclusion: Let Money Chase You
Lecture 42 Extra – The Money Game
People Who Crave Greater Success,People Who Are Interested in Creating an Abundant Life,People Who Have Applied the Law of Attraction but Haven’t Seen Life Changes,People Who Are Going Through a Rough Patch in Life,People Who Are Committed to Continuous Self-Growth,People Who Have an Interest in Self-Hypnosis,People Who Seek the Balance Point in Life,People Who Want to Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery
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