Solid Angle Cinema 4D to Arnold 4.6.5 (x64)

Free Download Solid Angle Cinema 4D to Arnold 4.6.5 | 5.5 Gb
The Solid Angle Team, a bussines Autodesk, is pleased to announce the availability of Arnold (C4DtoA) 4.6.5 for Cinema4D . This update uses Arnold and is a minor feature release bringing support for Cinema 4D 2024, improvements to the IPR window and to the text overlay settings, and a number of bug fixes. Support for Cinema 4D R24 is dropped.
Owner:Solid Angle
Product Name:Cinema4D to Arnold (C4DtoA)
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows, macOs & Linux *
Size:5.5 Gb

4.6.5 – Arnold for Cinema 4D – Date: 14 September 2023

Cinema 4D 2024:Builds for Cinema 4D 2024.0.0 are now available. Since now Cinema 4D 2024 properly applies the view transform to the output, the Bake View Transform option is removed from the Arnold render settings when selecting the native OCIO color management. (C4DTOA-3003, C4DTOA-2959)
Node Material as the default in Cinema 4D 2024:Creating a new Arnold material from the material menu or via commands now creates a Node Material by default in Cinema 4D 2024. If you still prefer the legacy material, you can change the default material system in the Preferences, but note, that the legacy material is deprecated and planned to be removed in the future. (C4DTOA-3069)
Free image alignment in the IPR window:The image displayed in the IPR window is not locked to the center anymore, but can be freely moved around with the left mouse button. When the image is moved outside the window, a small indicator appears at the bottom right corner showing the image position compared to the window. (C4DTOA-2857, C4DTOA-3064)

Composition overlays in the IPR window:You can display composition helpers in the IPR window on top of the rendered image. Open the display settings from the side bar and choose from the available overlays. (C4DTOA-1982)

Start/stop the IPR with Space key:You can now start and stop the render from the IPR window by pressing the Space key. (C4DTOA-3056)
Alpha channel in IPR pixel info:The pixel information in the status bar and side bar of the IPR window now also displays the alpha channel of the selected pixel. (C4DTOA-3046)
Active camera in text overlay:You can use the newtoken in text overlay settings to print the given attribute value of the active camera. The attribute can be a user data or any built-in attribute. Attributes within groups are defined by the / separator. (C4DTOA-3047)

: Film Offset X attribute of the active camera.
: Far Clipping attribute from the Details tab of the active camera.

Vector and color components in text overlay:You can print x, y, z or r, g, b components of vector and color type attributes in text overlays. (C4DTOA-3048)

: R component of an Arnold quad light color.
: Z coordinate of the Camera object.

Bucket corners in CPU progressive renders:Bucket corners are now displayed again in CPU progressive mode. They were disabled previously in C4DtoA 4.6.4. (C4DTOA-3060)
Path mapping:The plugin now respects the path mapping json file defined by the ARNOLD_PATHMAP environment variable. (C4DTOA-2198)
c4d_no_color_transform meta data:A new meta data is introduced to prevent color space transform on the given color type parameter when exporting the scene to Arnold. (C4DTOA-3050)

Bug Fixes
– C4DTOA-3058 – IPR window loses sidebar settings
– C4DTOA-3061 – IPR pixel info color picker does not work
– C4DTOA-3062 – IPR does not update after changing Arnold Procedural light linking override
– C4DTOA-3063 – Linkable parameters in Arnold tag do not trigger IPR updates
– C4DTOA-3065 – Slow GPU render to Picture Viewer when multiple AOVs are in the scene
– C4DTOA-3070 – Missing texture error if using a path map file and tx generation is set to manual
– C4DTOA-3072 – IPR image is not resized in fit resolution mode when opening the side panel
– ARNOLD-9480 – clip_geo not working from procedural
– ARNOLD-13949 – clip_geo not working in an instancer
– ARNOLD-14003 – crash at startup when Arnold is run under certain applications
– ARNOLD-14037 – ai_file_utils.h is missing from ai.h API header

Arnoldis an advanced cross-platform rendering library, or API, developed by Solid Angle and used by a number of prominent organizations in film, television and animation, including Sony Pictures Imageworks. It was developed as a photo-realistic, physically-based ray tracing alternative to traditional scanline based rendering software for CG animation. Arnold uses cutting-edge algorithms that make the most effective use of your computer’s hardware resources: memory, disk space, multiple processor cores, and SIMD/SSE units. The Arnold architecture was designed to easily adapt to existing pipelines. It is built on top of a pluggable node system; users can extend and customize the system by writing new shaders, cameras, filters and output driver nodes, as well as procedural geometry, custom ray types and user-defined geometric data. The primary goal of the Arnold architecture is to provide a complete solution as a primary renderer for animation and visual effects.
Arnold for Cinema4D (C4DtoA)supports most Cinema 4D features such as instances, cloners, deformers, generators, MoGraph geometry, hair, and ThinkingParticles. It also supports both animation and single frame distributed rendering in Team Render, allowing the use of all computers in a local network to speed-up Arnold rendering. Third-party plugins TurbulenceFD and X-Particles are natively supported, allowing artists to render high quality smoke, fire, and particle effects with fully interactive feedback. Other features include volume rendering with OpenVDB, a node-based material editor and a comprehensive list of shaders and utilities, including vertex maps and per-face materials.

The Ultimate Introduction to Arnold 6 (& 7) For Cinema 4d

Solid Angle SLis the technology company behind the Arnold rendering software, with offices in Madrid and London and customers throughout the world including Framestore, DreamWorks, ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, The Mill, Mikros Image and Rising Sun Pictures. Arnold was designed from the ground up to efficiently raytrace the complex geometric datasets required for feature-length CGI animation and big budget visual effects, while at the same time simplifying the pipeline, reducing the number of passes, minimizing storage requirements and greatly enhancing interactivity for lighting artists.

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