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Last updated 10/2023
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Extract and modify colours from botanicals to easily create your own eco-friendly natural inks for calligraphy

What you’ll learn
Understand the easy A-B-C-D process of natural ink-making
Understand the beauty and challenges with natural ink-making
Create both water-based and alcohol-based natural dyes and inks
Adapt the ink-making A-B-C-D process to their local environment
Design ways of using natural inks in brush pen calligraphy, brush calligraphy and pointed pen calligraphy
All beginners are welcome! We are starting at the basics of learning natural ink-making.
Step into the enchanting world of natural ink making with this "Calligraph-ink: Natural Inks For Calligraphy Masterclass" course.At the end of this course, you will know not only how to use ink for calligraphy. You will know how to make sustainable, natural inks with your own hands to connect more deeply with nature. Natural inks are imbued with one-of-a-kind shades and tones, adding depth and authenticity to your artwork that synthetic dyes cannot replicate.This is the ONLY course on Udemy that teaches you a simple 4-step process for making eco-friendly natural botanical inks related to calligraphy. We cover both water and alcohol as bases, so that you can expand your range of art-making. This course is most useful for those who are beginners to ink-making.You will learn how to:Understand the easy A-B-C-D process of natural ink-making (even if you never made ink before!)Understand the beauty and challenges in natural ink-makingCreate both water-based and alcohol-based natural dyes and inksAdapt the ink-making A-B-C-D process to sources found in your local environmentUse natural inks in projects related to brush pen calligraphy, brush calligraphy and pointed pen calligraphy The course offers practical hands-on demonstrations, instead of just theories, so that you can easily go on to embark on your natural ink-making journey. Watch over my shoulder as I work with the botanical ingredients. It will inspire your own ideas for working with natural ingredients in your very own backyard.Embrace the sustainable beauty of botanical inks. Breathe life into your calligraphy work by making and using these living inks that offer Nature’s diverse palette of colors. See you in the course!Joy
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Why You Will Love Natural Inks
Lecture 3 Course Navigation
Section 2: Foundations of Natural Ink-Making
Lecture 4 Components of Ink
Lecture 5 Process of Natural Ink-Making (Agents)
Lecture 6 Process of Natural Ink-Making (Bathe)
Lecture 7 A Note on Solubility (Water, Oil, Glycerin)
Lecture 8 A Note on Solubility (Water, Alcohol)
Lecture 9 Process of Natural Ink-Making (Combine)
Lecture 10 Process of Natural Ink-Making (Design)
Lecture 11 Tools and Equipment Needed
Lecture 12 Cleaning and Safety
Section 3: Colours From The Garden (Natural Dyes and Inks)
Lecture 13 Section Overview
Lecture 14 Let’s Go Foraging
Lecture 15 Preparing Flowers
Lecture 16 Bathe Stage: Extracting Colour Through Heated Water Immersion
Lecture 17 Bathe Stage: Extracting Colour Through Pulping Without Heat
Lecture 18 Filtering the Red Hibiscus Dye
Lecture 19 What Additives and Modifiers Can Do
Lecture 20 Combine Stage: Effects of Additives and Modifiers
Lecture 21 Project: Creating a Deckled Edged Escort Card
Lecture 22 Project: Escort Card Using Assorted Botanical Natural Dyes
Lecture 23 Project: Brush Lettering Using Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Ink
Section 4: Colours From The Kitchen (Natural Dyes and Inks)
Lecture 24 Section Overview
Lecture 25 Preparing The Fruit and Vegetable Peels
Lecture 26 Colour Extraction Process Of Fruit Peels and Vegetables
Lecture 27 Colour Extraction Process Of Spices
Lecture 28 Filtering The Dye Solution After Colour Extraction
Lecture 29 A Note On Onion Skins
Lecture 30 The Effects of Additives And Modifiers On Natural Dyes
Lecture 31 Extending Colour Range Of Kitchen Dyes
Lecture 32 Design: Ombre Dip Dyed Escort Card
Lecture 33 Design: Splotchy Escort Card
Lecture 34 Design: Ombre Brush Calligraphy from Dragonfruit Ink
Lecture 35 Design: Dyed Doily Onion Skins
Lecture 36 Design: Tea-stained Doilies
Section 5: Alcohol-extracted Inks
Lecture 37 Section Overview
Lecture 38 Color Extraction (Bath Stage) in Alcohol
Lecture 39 How To Recharge Alcohol Ink With More Colour
Lecture 40 Differences Between Yupo Vs Watercolour Paper
Lecture 41 Case Study: Lily Leaves Alcohol Inks On Yupo Vs Watercolour Paper
Lecture 42 Sampling The Botanical Alcohol Inks
Lecture 43 Design: Alcohol Ink Colour Blending
Lecture 44 Design: Straw-Blowing Alcohol Inks
Lecture 45 Design: Polka-Dotted Alcohol Inks
Lecture 46 Raiding The Kitchen: Spice Possibilities For Alcohol Inks
Lecture 47 Extracting Colour From Turmeric
Lecture 48 Design: Alcohol Ink Wash
Section 6: The Difference Between Inks for Brush and Pointed Pen Calligraphy
Lecture 49 Section Overview
Lecture 50 Making Gum Arabic Solution
Section 7: Calligraphink: Natural Inks For Pointed Pen Calligraphy From Dyes and Powders
Lecture 51 Section Overview
Lecture 52 Combine Stage: Additives With Salt & Vinegar
Lecture 53 The Effect Of Adding Gum Arabic
Lecture 54 Combine Stage: Make Your Natural Ink Sparkle!
Lecture 55 Checking For Light-Fastness and Permanence of Ink
Lecture 56 Combine Stage: Creating Powder-Based Inks With Red Yeast Rice Powder
Section 8: Calligraphink: Mica and Oxide-based Inks For Pointed Pen Calligraphy
Lecture 57 Section overview
Lecture 58 What Are Micas and Oxides and Safety Precautions
Lecture 59 Preparing To Make Gold Mica Ink
Lecture 60 Combine Stage: Creating Gold Mica Ink
Lecture 61 Effects Of Gold Mica Ink on White And Black Paper
Lecture 62 Design: Ideas Using Gold Mica Ink
Lecture 63 Combine Stage: Creating Black Oxide Ink
Lecture 64 Testing Out Black Oxide Ink On Paper
Lecture 65 Combine Stage: Creating Titanium Dioxide Ink
Lecture 66 Combine Stage: Bulking Up Titanium Dioxide Ink With A Kaolin Clay Filler
Lecture 67 Thank you!
Section 9: Bonus Lecture
Lecture 68 Bonus Lecture
Those who are interested in creating eco-friendly natural inks for use with calligraphy,Those who want a deeper connection with nature in their calligraphy process,Those who want to create multi-dimensional, one-of-a-kind shades


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