Llm Model Quantization – An Overview

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Published 11/2023
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A General Introduction and Overview of LLM Model Quantization Techniques and Practices

What you’ll learn
Understand the fundamental principles of model quantization and its critical role in optimizing Large Language Models (LLMs) for diverse applications.
Explore and differentiate between various types of model quantization methods, including post-training quantization, quantization-aware training.
Gain proficiency in implementing model quantization using major frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX, and NVIDIA TensorRT.
Develop skills to effectively evaluate the performance and quality of quantized LLMs using standard metrics and real-world testing scenarios.
Understanding of Python, Neural Networks, and Hugging Face Libraries is recommended for this course.
Course Description:This course offers a deep dive into the world of model quantization, specifically focusing on its application in Large Language Models (LLMs). It is tailored for students, professionals, and enthusiasts interested in machine learning, natural language processing, and the optimization of AI models for various platforms. The course covers fundamental concepts, practical methodologies, various frameworks, and real-world applications, providing a well-rounded understanding of model quantization in LLMs.Course Objectives:Understand the basic principles and necessity of model quantization in LLMs.Explore different types and methods of model quantization, such as post-training quantization, quantization-aware training, and dynamic quantization.Gain proficiency in using major frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow, ONNX, and NVIDIA TensorRT for model quantization.Learn to evaluate the performance and quality of quantized models in real-world scenarios.Master the deployment of quantized LLMs on both edge devices and cloud platforms.Course Structure:Lecture 1: Introduction to Model QuantizationOverview of model quantizationSignificance in LLMsBasic concepts and benefitsLecture 2: Types and Methods of Model QuantizationPost-training quantizationQuantization-aware trainingDynamic quantizationComparative analysis of each typeLecture 3: Frameworks for Model QuantizationPyTorch’s quantization toolsTensorFlow and TensorFlow LiteONNX quantization capabilitiesNVIDIA TensorRT’s role in quantizationLecture 4: Evaluating Quantized ModelsPerformance metrics: accuracy, latency, and throughputQuality metrics: perplexity, BLEU, ROUGEHuman evaluation and auto-evaluation techniquesLecture 5: Deploying Quantized ModelsStrategies for edge device deploymentCloud platform deployment: OpenAI and Azure OpenAITrade-offs, benefits, and challenges in deploymentTarget Audience:AI and Machine Learning enthusiastsData Scientists and EngineersStudents in Computer Science and related fieldsProfessionals in AI and NLP industries
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Types and Methods of Model Quantization
Lecture 3 Frameworks and Libraries That Can Be Used to Apply Model Quantization to LLMs
Lecture 4 Performance and Quality Evaluation of Quantized LLMs
Lecture 5 Deploying Quantized LLMs on Edge Devices and Cloud Platforms
Lecture 6 Summary
Anyone who is interested in learning about model quantization, the steps, and the process.



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