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Published 2/2024
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Algorithmic Trading Unveiled: A Deep Dive into AI-Driven Financial Strategies

What you’ll learn
Understand AI’s impact on financial trading and markets.
Build and backtest basic AI-driven trading bots.
Analyze markets using fundamental and technical analysis.
Leverage NLP for sentiment analysis in trading decisions.
Basic understanding of Python programming. Familiarity with financial concepts is helpful but not required. Access to a computer with Python installed.
Dive into the world of financial technology with our specialized course, "Foundations of AI in Trading," designed for those eager to master the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the stock market. This course provides a deep dive into the core concepts of AI trading, covering the essentials of algorithmic strategies, market analysis techniques, and the groundbreaking role of sentiment analysis.Course Highlights:AI & Financial Markets Overview: Start your journey with a comprehensive introduction to AI’s transformative impact on trading, exploring key concepts and Python’s role in developing trading algorithms.Building Trading Bots: Learn the fundamentals of trading bot development, from data acquisition to algorithm testing, and lay the groundwork for automated trading strategies.Market Analysis Techniques: Unravel the complexities of market prediction through fundamental and technical analysis, enhancing your ability to forecast market movements accurately.Sentiment Analysis with AI: Delve into sentiment analysis using natural language processing (NLP) techniques to gauge market mood and integrate these insights into your trading decisions.Designed for beginners and intermediate traders alike, this course sets the stage for a successful career in AI trading. Whether you’re looking to refine your trading approach or explore the potential of AI and machine learning in the financial sector, our course equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the markets confidently.Join us at Augmented A.I. and take the first step towards mastering AI-driven trading strategies, leveraging data, and understanding market sentiment to make informed trading decisions. Enroll now to transform your approach to trading with the power of AI.
Section 1: Module 1: Introduction to AI in Trading
Lecture 1 State of the Art techniques and algorithms for trading bots
Lecture 2 How can a trading bot compare to a human broker?[Theory]
Lecture 3 Python for Trading: Essential Libraries
Lecture 4 Installations[Theory and Practical] Part 1
Lecture 5 Installations[Theory and Practical] Part 2
Lecture 6 Fundamentals of Trading Bots
Lecture 7 Risk Management in AI Trading
Section 2: Data Acquisition Techniques
Lecture 8 Data Acquisition via API.[Practical] (Part 1)
Lecture 9 Data Acquisition via API.[Practical] (Part 2)
Lecture 10 Data Acquisition via API.[Practical] (Part 3)
Lecture 11 Plot the data using Plotly.[Practical] (Part 1)
Lecture 12 Plot the data using Plotly.[Practical] (Part 2)
Lecture 13 Get your own Alpaca Paper Money API key for simulated trading![Practical]
Lecture 14 Basic Algorithm Design and Testing Part 1
Lecture 15 Basic Algorithm Design and Testing Part 2
Lecture 16 Basic Algorithm Design and Testing Part 3
Lecture 17 Backtesting and Performance Analysis Part 1
Lecture 18 Backtesting and Performance Analysis Part 2
Section 3: Principles of Fundamental Analysis
Lecture 19 Plotly Graph interpretation (How do I read this thing?)[Theory and Practical]
Lecture 20 Integrating Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Lecture 21 Fundamental Analysis App Part 1
Lecture 22 Fundamental Analysis App Part 2
Lecture 23 Fundamental Analysis App Part 3
Lecture 24 Fundamental Analysis App Part 4
Lecture 25 Fundamental Analysis App Part 5
Lecture 26 Fundamental Analysis Lab
Lecture 27 Candlestick charts.[Theory and Practical]
Lecture 28 Technical Analysis App Part 1
Lecture 29 Technical Analysis App Part 2
Lecture 30 Technical Analysis App Part 3
Lecture 31 Integrating Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Section 4: Basics of Market Sentiment Analysis
Lecture 32 What does sentiment analysis mean?[Theory]
Lecture 33 Sentiment Analysis with NLP (LLM) and Integration with Trading Strategies
Lecture 34 Sentiment Analysis App Part 1
Lecture 35 Sentiment Analysis App Part 2
Lecture 36 Sentiment Analysis App Part 3
Lecture 37 Sentiment Analysis App Part 4
Lecture 38 Sentiment Analysis App Part 5
Lecture 39 Sentiment Analysis App Part 6
Ideal for beginners interested in financial technology, traders seeking to integrate AI, and anyone curious about applying machine learning in trading strategies.


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