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Published 2/2024
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[2024] Learn AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Skills. Dive into Cloud Computing. AZ104 Video Course w/practice tests

What you’ll learn
Pass the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam
Learn from a Microsoft Certified Trainer
Take practice tests designed to help you easily pass the AZ-104 exam
Get your Azure AZ-104 certification quickly
Learn Microsoft’s cloud computing platform
You should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing platform
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator with AZ104 Practice Test CourseAre you aspiring to become a skilled Azure Administrator and pass the AZ-104 exam?This is the ultimate course for you, crafted to guide you through the nuances of Microsoft Azure administration and help you ace the AZ-104 exam.Led by an experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer, this AZ-104 Azure Administrator course is your fastest track to becoming a certified Azure professional.Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Azure Administration.Delve deep into the realms of Microsoft Azure. With cloud technology shaping the future, Azure administration is a critical skill set. This course on Azure AZ-104 is meticulously designed to put you ahead in the ever-evolving world of cloud computing.FREE PREVIEW AVAILABLE: Peek into our Azure AZ104 course with our free preview lessons!CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED CONTENT: Stay on top of the latest trends and updates in Azure. Our AZ-104 course is regularly refreshed with the newest insights and modules.What will you learn in this AZ 104 course?Azure Administration Essentials: Grasp core concepts of Azure administration, including managing subscriptions, resources, and implementing storage strategies.Virtual Networking: Learn about Azure’s networking capabilities, including network configuration, VPN gateways, and network security groups.Compute Services: Dive into Azure’s compute resources, understanding VMs, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Web Apps.Data Protection & Security: Uncover Azure’s security tools, identity services, and data protection mechanisms.Monitoring & Troubleshooting: Get proficient in monitoring Azure resources using Azure Monitor, Azure Alerts, and Log Analytics.Why Choose AZ-104? The Key to Azure Administration Mastery!In the digital age, cloud administration is not just an advantage, but a necessity. The AZ-104 certification, known as the Microsoft Azure Administrator, is foundational for professionals looking to delve into Azure management. This course demystifies Azure administration, ensuring you not only learn but also comprehend the intricacies of Azure services and tools.Perfect for beginners, our course breaks down complex concepts into understandable segments. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and labs, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of Azure administration.Azure Skills You Will Master in AZ-104:Comprehensive Azure Administration Techniques.Implementing and Managing Azure Storage.Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks.Managing Azure Identities and Governance.Deploying and Managing Azure Compute Resources.Monitoring and Backing up Azure Resources.AZ-104 Course Highlights:In-depth Exploration of Azure Administration Topics.Hands-on Labs and Real-world Examples.Regularly Updated Content Reflecting Azure Innovations.Practice Tests and Quizzes to Track Your Progress.Azure Skills for a Your Best Life!By the end of this course, you’ll be well-equipped with a profound understanding of Azure administration, ready to apply your skills in professional settings.Stay Ahead with Constant Updates: As Azure evolves, so does our course content, ensuring you always have the latest knowledge.Join Us on This Journey!Take the first step towards becoming an Azure Administration expert. Enhance your cloud computing skills and prepare to excel in technological advancements.See you in class!Phil & Anurag – Microsoft Certified TrainerNOTE: This course is ideal for those aiming to master Azure administration, including IT professionals, system administrators, tech enthusiasts, or anyone interested in a comprehensive understanding of Azure’s administrative capabilities.
Section 1: Introduction: AZ-104 Certification Course
Lecture 1 Welcome to the AZ-104 Exam Course
Section 2: Administer Identity
Lecture 2 On-Prem Active Directory
Lecture 3 Azure Active Directory
Lecture 4 Licensing Options for Microsoft Entra ID
Lecture 5 Custom Domain – Azure Active directory (Microsoft Entra ID)
Lecture 6 Question on Custom Domain
Lecture 7 Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
Lecture 8 Hybrid Identity
Lecture 9 Question on Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
Lecture 10 Configure User and Group Accounts
Lecture 11 Question on User and Group Accounts
Lecture 12 Guest User
Lecture 13 Question on Guest User
Lecture 14 Administrative Units
Lecture 15 Question on Administrative Units
Lecture 16 Lab – Manage Microsoft Entra ID Identities
Section 3: Governance and Compliance
Lecture 17 Identify Regions
Lecture 18 Implement Azure Subscriptions
Lecture 19 Azure Free subscription
Lecture 20 Implement Cost Management
Lecture 21 Understand the Subscription Hierarchy
Lecture 22 Subscription vs Azure AD
Lecture 23 Azure AD Roles VS RBAC
Lecture 24 Management groups
Lecture 25 Resource Lock
Lecture 26 Azure Policy
Lecture 27 Lab – Manage Subscriptions and RBAC
Lecture 28 Lab – Manage Governance via Azure Policy
Lecture 29 Lab – Manage Azure resources by Using the Azure Portal
Section 4: Implement Virtual Network
Lecture 30 What is Virtual Network
Lecture 31 Network Security Group
Lecture 32 NSG at Subnet and NIC level
Lecture 33 Creation of Windows VM
Lecture 34 Lab – How to create a virtual machine
Lecture 35 Connecting to VM
Lecture 36 Creation of Web server
Lecture 37 Virtual Network peering
Lecture 38 Application Security Group (ASG)
Lecture 39 Azure Load Balancer
Lecture 40 Installing IIS on backend pools
Lecture 41 Creation of Load balancer
Lecture 42 Session persistence
Lecture 43 Inbound NAT rule
Lecture 44 Azure Application Gateway
Lecture 45 Application Gateway components
Lecture 46 Lab on Azure Load balancer and Application gateway
Lecture 47 What are containers
Lecture 48 Container vs VM
Lecture 49 Docker Architecture
Lecture 50 Installing Docker
Lecture 51 Docker Images
Lecture 52 Creating a container
Lecture 53 Container vs Azure Container Instances (ACI)
Lecture 54 App Service
Lecture 55 Azure Bastion
Lecture 56 Availability set
Lecture 57 Availability Zone
Lecture 58 Question on Virtual Network peering
Lecture 59 Azure Firewall
Lecture 60 Configuring Firewall Rules
Lecture 61 Connecting Azure Virtual Network and On-Premises Network
Lecture 62 Point-to-site VPN
Lecture 63 Lab on Point-to-Site VPN – Part1
Lecture 64 Lab on Point-to-Site VPN – Part2
Lecture 65 Lab on Point-to-Site VPN – Part3
Lecture 66 Site-to-Site VPN – Part 1
Lecture 67 Site-to-Site VPN – Part 2
Lecture 68 Site-to-Site VPN – Part 3
Lecture 69 Gateway transit
Lecture 70 DNS
Lecture 71 Lab – Manage Virtual Machines
Lecture 72 Lab – Implement Virtual Networking
Lecture 73 Lab – Implement Intersite Connectivity
Lecture 74 Lab – Implement Azure Container Instances
Lecture 75 Lab – Implement Azure Container Apps
Section 5: Working with Resource Providers, Key Vault, Azure PowerShell, ARM templates
Lecture 76 Resource Provider and Resource ID
Lecture 77 Azure PowerShell, ARM templates
Lecture 78 ARM Template – Deployment Modes
Lecture 79 Questions on ARM templates and PowerShell
Lecture 80 Registering Resource Provider through PowerShell
Lecture 81 Azure Key Vault
Lecture 82 Question on Key Vault
Lecture 83 Lab – Manage Azure resources by Using ARM Templates
Lecture 84 Lab – Manage Azure resources by Using Azure PowerShell
Section 6: Monitor and backup resources
Lecture 85 Microsoft Azure Backup
Lecture 86 Recovery Services vaults
Lecture 87 File Recovery
Lecture 88 Soft delete Feature
Lecture 89 Deleting Back up data
Lecture 90 Questions on Azure Backup
Lecture 91 Azure Monitor
Lecture 92 Collecting Logs from virtual machine
Lecture 93 kusto query language
Lecture 94 Azure Monitor Alerts
Lecture 95 Question on Azure Monitor Alerts
Lecture 96 Network Watcher
Lecture 97 Lab – Backup virtual machines
Lecture 98 Lab – Implement Monitoring
Section 7: Azure Storage
Lecture 99 What is Azure Storage
Lecture 100 Azure Storage Redundancy options
Lecture 101 Storage Services – Blob, Table, File, Queue
Lecture 102 Azure Storage Explorer tool
Lecture 103 Azcopy tool
Lecture 104 Access Tier
Lecture 105 Lab – Manage Azure Storage
Section 8: Practice Test: AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator
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