Passive Components For Electronics-Part 1 Resistor Capacitor

Free Download Passive Components For Electronics-Part 1 Resistor Capacitor
Published 2/2024
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Basics, impedance, Bode plot, simulation and datasheet

What you’ll learn
Basics of resistors
Basics of capacitors
Bode plot: impedance vs frequency
Transfer function and Bode plot using Python scripting
Datasheet and specifications (specs)
LTspice simulation
Real-world hardware test waveforms
Algebra basics, Basics of circuit analysis, Basic understanding of circuit components
Resistor and capacitor are basic building blocks in electronics and electrical designFor example, they are widely used inAnalog circuits: Passive filters, EMC filter, voltage/current sensing circuit, timing circuit, control circuit, compensator, etc.Switch-mode power supplies: capacitor is the energy storage elements in power stagesStudents will gain working knowledge about resistorsBasic packages, fixed standard resistance values, Decibel (dB), dB ohmKey parameters, datasheet, surface-mount resistors, through-hole resistors, chassis-mount resistorsHow to measure resistance by DMM and LCR meterHow to measure low resistance (milli-ohms)Students will gain working knowledge about capacitorsBasic package, differential equations, impedance, charge balanceThe 1st order RC filter, transfer function, Bode plotRealistic capacitor model including parasitics ESR and ESLDatasheet of ceramic capacitorDatasheet of aluminum electrolytic capacitorTemperature coefficientMultiple capacitors in parallelParasitic capacitanceHow to measure capacitance by DMM and LCR meterPractical design guideline about parasitics of resistor and capacitorTo understand when and where to include parasitics into the designA few practical design examples are givenCourse projectThe 1st order RC high-pass filter: project requirement and solutionTwo free software are used through the coursePython (Anaconda) and Python Control Systems LibraryLTspice (Analog, previously Linear Technology)What are course prerequisites?Knowledge requirementAlgebra basicsBasics of circuit analysisBasic understanding of circuit componentsHardware and software requirementPC (windows OS is preferred)Python (free)LTspice (free)
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course overview
Lecture 2 Lecturer introduction
Lecture 3 Course outline
Section 2: Software installation
Lecture 4 Install Anaconda
Lecture 5 Install Python Control Systems Library
Lecture 6 Install LTspice
Lecture 7 Course material to students (for download)
Section 3: Resistor
Lecture 8 Resistor basics
Lecture 9 Resistor impedance
Lecture 10 Decibel (dB)
Lecture 11 Resistor parameters
Lecture 12 Example: SMD resistor
Lecture 13 Example: TH resistor
Lecture 14 Example: current shunt resistor
Lecture 15 Measure resistance by DMM and LCR meter
Lecture 16 Measure low resistance
Section 4: Capacitor
Lecture 17 Capacitor basics
Lecture 18 Capacitor structure
Lecture 19 Capacitor Impedance
Lecture 20 Capacitor charge balance
Lecture 21 The 1st order RC low-pass filter
Lecture 22 Transfer function and Bode plot
Lecture 23 The 1st order RC filter experiment
Lecture 24 Realistic capacitor model
Lecture 25 Example1 Ceramic capacitor
Lecture 26 Example2 Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Lecture 27 MLCC temperature coefficient
Lecture 28 Multiple capacitors in parallel
Lecture 29 Parasitic capacitance
Lecture 30 Measure capacitance by DMM
Lecture 31 Measure capacitance by LCR meter
Section 5: Project RC high-pass filter
Lecture 32 Project requirement
Lecture 33 Solution RC high-pass filter Task1-6
Lecture 34 Solution RC high-pass filter Task7
Section 6: Congratulations
Lecture 35 Congratulations
For anyone who is interested in analog and power electronics,Electronics hobbyist,Students and professionals in electrical engineering


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