The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Investing In Stocks

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Published 6/2024
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Simple guide to investing in Stocks, Index Funds and , ETF’S (no experience required)

What you’ll learn
Detailed understanding of how to confidently invest in the Stock Market
The difference between Stocks, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Bond, Alternative investments and ETF’s
The advantages and disadvantages of investing in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Bond, Alternative investments and ETF’s
How to compare and buy individual Stocks
How to compare and buy Index Funds Stocks
How to compare and buy ETF’s Stocks
How to identity your risk appetite to investing
How to self-manage your own investment portfolio
Apply best practices and techniques to make better stock choices.
The different type of investment accounts to such as retirement accounts (401K, Roth IRA, ISA and General Investment account)
Online Practical examples how to search through the use of screeners Stocks and ETF’s
Interactive quizzes to ensure you grasp each section of the course and complete this course as a confident investor
Understand the difference between active and passive investing with practical examples
Top screeners to search for investments easily saving you hours of research
No previous experience in investing is required
Welcome to the beginners guide to investing in stocksThis course has been designed for individuals who are seeking a simple step by step guide to investing. No extensive jargon or fancy terminologies or calculations required.The course is ideal for long term investors seeking to build out an investment portfolio for financial freedom, retirements or generational wealth.As an investment enthusiast I started investing in my early 20’s and have since seen an 20% average return on my investment portfolio year on year. I know how challenging it can be to make the first step to building a financial portfolio that yields consistent returns. The beginners guide to investing in stocks excels the investment process, by solely focusing on HOW to invest in the stock market. The key steps to analysis investments with no complex financial terminology. Within less than 5 hours you could be investing into your first stock, index fund or ETF!In this course we will learn· The difference between INFLATION and COMPOUND INTEREST· How the STOCK MARKET works and the purpose of INDEXES (S&P500, SSE, FTSE 100 etc)· Method of investing via Cash, Stocks, Bonds and Alternative investments· How to use FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS (p/e ratio, free cash flow, Debt/liquidity ratio etc) and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS (moving averages, Bollinger bands) to pick stocks· LIVE DEMOS on how to pick individuals stocks WITHOUT any complex calculations· LIVE DEMOS on how to make valuable investment decisions when comparing companies within the same industry· A FREE INVESTMENT CHEAT SHEET to search for stocks, mutual funds, index funds and ETF’s using screeners· We explain methods of investing based on your RISK TOLERANCE· How to build wealth through GROWTH, INCOME and VALUE-BASED INVESTMENT STRATEGIES· The course is packed with tons of live practical examples from setting up an investment accounts through brokerage platforms such as TRADING 212, VANGUARD, CHARLES SCHWAB etc· To ensure you have a good grasp of the course there are nuggets of optional MULTIPLE-CHOICE quizzes to test your understanding at various sections of the courseBy the end of the course, you will confidently be able to invest in the stock marketFinally, to excel your investment process the course includes A FREE investment resources toolkit of the best platforms for investment data, screeners and stock market terminology SAVING you HOURS of investment research.Want more courses join The Hatched Investor community today and start your journey to building a £1 million investment portfolio.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome
Lecture 2 Navigating the course
Section 2: Investment fundamentals
Lecture 3 Inflation and buying power
Lecture 4 Ultimate reason to invest
Lecture 5 Factors that impact your investment
Section 3: Investment asset types (Cash, Stocks , Bonds and Alternative Investments)
Lecture 6 Investment asset types overview
Lecture 7 Cash equivalents
Lecture 8 Stocks
Lecture 9 Bonds (Fixed income)
Lecture 10 Alternative Investments
Lecture 11 Investment asset types risk rating (Lowest to Highest risk)
Section 4: Types of investors
Lecture 12 Long term vs Short term investors
Section 5: Investment risk
Lecture 13 Investment risk (take the test)
Lecture 14 Investment risk based on time
Lecture 15 Investment risk based on investment goal
Section 6: Portfolio management
Lecture 16 Portfolio allocation
Lecture 17 Portfolio rebalancing
Section 7: Investment account set up (Brokerage and General investment accounts)
Lecture 18 Setting up investment account overview
Lecture 19 Setting up investment account (USA example)
Lecture 20 Setting up investment account (UK example)
Lecture 21 LIVE DEMO Trading 212 account set up walkthrough
Lecture 22 LIVE DEMO Vanguard account set up walkthrough
Lecture 23 LIVE DEMO Charles Schwab account set up walkthrough
Lecture 24 LIVE DEMO Hargreaves Lansdown account set up walkthrough
Section 8: Stock overview
Lecture 25 Origin of stocks
Lecture 26 Method of owning stocks and IPOs
Lecture 27 Investment Strategies (Growth, value and income stock)
Section 9: Investment analysis
Lecture 28 Individual stocks vs Collection of stocks
Lecture 29 Stock Analysis (Fundamental vs Technical Analysis)
Lecture 30 Picking stocks with Fundamental analysis
Lecture 31 Picking stocks with Technical analysis
Lecture 32 Picking stocks with Fundamental analysis[DEMO]
Section 10: Mutual funds
Lecture 33 Mutual funds overview
Lecture 34 Mutual fund analysis metric Practical examples (Live Demo)
Section 11: Stock exchanges and index funds
Lecture 35 Stock exchanges and Index funds
Lecture 36 Index fund analysis metric Practical examples (Live Demo)
Section 12: Electronic Traded Funds (ETFs)
Lecture 37 ETF overview
Lecture 38 ETF analysis metric Practical examples (Live Demo)
Lecture 39 Index fund overview
Section 13: Stock picking screeners
Lecture 40 Stock screener live demo (Growth, Value and Income stocks)
Lecture 41 Mutual fund screener live demo
Lecture 42 Index screener live demo
Lecture 43 ETF screener live demo
Section 14: Getting started and Investment tools
Lecture 44 Investment tools overview
Lecture 45 News
Lecture 46 Investment data
Lecture 47 Screeners
Lecture 48 Investment dictionary
Lecture 49 Earning calendar
Lecture 50 Taxation
Lecture 51 Getting started as an investor
Section 15: Course Summary
Lecture 52 Course summary overview
Lecture 53 Beginners Guide to investing – Investors Tool Kit
Does not like complex financial jargon,Complete beginners or novices who want a simple and easy guide to investing without complex terminology,Investors who have started investing however want to improve how they search high value investments,Prefer to learn through demos and real life investment examples


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