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Deixis in Egyptian The Close, the Distant, and the Known

Free Download Deixis in Egyptian: The Close, the Distant, and the Known (Harvard Egyptological Studies) by Maxim N. Kupreyev
English | December 22, 2022 | ISBN: 9004523391 | True PDF | 396 pages | 2.9 MB
In this volume, Maxim N. Kupreyev explores the intricate stories of Egyptian-Coptic demonstratives and adverbs, personal, relative pronouns and definite articles. Applying the concepts of distance, contrast, and joint attention, the book offers a panorama of competing deictic systems in Old Kingdom Egypt. It singles out dialectal differences and outlines the history of deixis not as a linear development, but as a competition of regional variants that gradually attain normative status.


Close to the Sources Essays on Contemporary African Culture, Politics and Academy

Free Download Close to the Sources: Essays on Contemporary African Culture, Politics and Academy By Abebe Zegeye, Maurice Vambe
2011 | 182 Pages | ISBN: 0415895952 | PDF | 1 MB
European and African works have found it difficult to move past the image of Africa as a place of exotica and relentless brutality.This book explores the status and critical relationship between politics, culture, literary creativity, criticism, education and publishing in the context of promoting Africa’s indigenous knowledge, and seeks to recover some of the sites where Africans continue to elaborate conflicting politics of self-affirmations. Itboth acknowledges and steps outside the protocols of analysis informed by nationalism, differentiating theforms that postcolonial theories have taken, and arguing for a selective appropriation of theory that emerges from Africa’s lived experiences.