Civil & Criminal Bench & Jury Trials

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Published 11/2023
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All aspects of civil & criminal bench and jury trials from commencing the action through trial and post-judgment relief.

What you’ll learn
Learn how a civil and criminal case is initiated, filing requirements and service of process
Learn how to prepare for trial using a Case Plan and Trial Notebook
Learn how to prepare and make opening statements, question witnesses, introduce exhibits, and make objections
Learn about the motion for directed verdict and how to prepare a closing arument
No experience or prerequisites are required to taking this course
What’s included in this course? This course covers everything from commencing a legal action (the Complaint in civil cases and the Charging Document in criminal cases), discovery (interrogatories, request for production of documents, notice to produce, request for admissions, depositions, criminal consolidated discovery motions), preparing for trial (case plan, trial notebook, consolidated pre-trial orders), mediation in civil cases, plea negotiations in criminal cases, jury trials versus bench trials, jury selection (juror profiles, voir dire, general and individual questioning, strikes for cause and peremptory strikes), opening statements, courtroom conduct and appearance, questioning witnesses (direct & cross examination, as well as, improper questions), making objections, introducing exhibits (laying foundations), using social media at trial to win your case, impeaching witnesses, motion for directed verdict, using technology at trial, closing arguments and post judgment relief, motions for new trial, notice of appeal, appellate briefs and petitions for a writ of habeas corpus. Material in this course covers both civil and criminal matters and includes real case examples and trial strategies! Over 27 years of trial experience are compacted into this course! And this course is created for anyone who would like to learn the ins-and-outs of a bench or jury trial (civil or criminal)!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Commencing the Action
Lecture 2 Jurisdiction & Venue
Lecture 3 The Complaint & Charging Document
Lecture 4 Service of Process, Answer & Counterclaim, Default Judgment
Section 3: Discovery
Lecture 5 Interrogatories, Social Media & The Motion to Compel
Lecture 6 Request for Production of Documents & Notice to Produce
Lecture 7 Request for Admissions
Lecture 8 Third Party Discovery
Lecture 9 Depositions
Lecture 10 Consolidated Discovery Motions
Lecture 11 Open Records Request
Lecture 12 Motion for Summary Judgment
Section 4: Trial Preparation
Lecture 13 Bench Trial versus Jury Trial
Lecture 14 Case Plan
Lecture 15 Mediation & Pre-Trial Conferences
Lecture 16 Plea Negotiations in Criminal Cases
Lecture 17 Consolidated Pre-Trial Order in Civil Cases
Lecture 18 The Trial Notebook
Lecture 19 The Decision Whether to Testify in Criminal Cases
Lecture 20 Jury Charges, Voir Dire (Jury Selection) and Jury Strikes
Section 5: Courtroom Conduct & Appearance / Invoking the Rule of Sequestration
Lecture 21 Courtroom Conduct, Appearance & Invoking the Rule of Sequestration
Section 6: Motion to Dismiss for Want of Prosecution
Lecture 22 Making a motion to dismiss if the Plaintiff / Prosecutor is absent or unprepared
Section 7: Burden of Proof
Lecture 23 What is the burden of proof that the Plaintiff or Prosecutor must meet
Section 8: Public Speaking / Overcoming Fear
Lecture 24 How to overcome anxiety and fear while speaking before a Judge or Jury
Section 9: Opening Statement
Lecture 25 Preparing for and making an opening statement before a Judge or Jury
Section 10: Questioning Witnesses
Lecture 26 Emotions in Court
Lecture 27 Direct & Cross Examination of Witnesses, and Impeaching Witnesses
Lecture 28 Preparing Witness Questions
Lecture 29 Objections During Questioning
Section 11: Introducing Exhibits
Lecture 30 Laying Foundations
Lecture 31 Introducing Exhibits & Using Technology At Trial
Section 12: Motion for Directed Verdict
Lecture 32 Making a motion for directed verdict
Section 13: Closing Argument
Lecture 33 How to prepare for and make a closing argument at the conclusion of trial
Lecture 34 Courtroom Conduct, Appearance, Invoking the Rule
Section 14: Post Judgment Relief
Lecture 35 Motion for New Trial, Notice of Appeal, Writ of Habeas Corpus
Section 15: Conclusion
Lecture 36 Final Words
Lecture 0 Other available courses
This course is for anyone who desires to learn the ins-and-outs of a civil or criminal bench or jury trial


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