Azure Synergy A Comprehensive Net Guide To Functions

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Published 2/2024
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Unlock the Full Potential of Azure Services for NET Developers

What you’ll learn
Navigate the Azure Portal with confidence
Understand the significance of Azure for .NET developers
Grasp the fundamentals of serverless computing
Set up a development environment for Azure Functions in .NET
Explore advanced features of Azure Functions
Implement triggers and bindings for seamless integration
Design and work with Durable Functions for stateful workflows
Secure Azure Functions with authentication and authorization
Monitor and analyze functions using Azure Monitor and Application Insights
Adapt .NET applications to work seamlessly with Azure Functions
Embrace event-driven programming in Azure
Leverage Azure SDK for .NET and integrate with other Azure services
Dive deep into Azure Blob Storage, with hands-on exercises
Integrate Redis Cache into .NET applications for enhanced performance
Explore Azure Logic Apps and their role in cloud integration
Design and create Logic App workflows to enhance functionality
Integrate Logic Apps with Azure Functions and .NET applications
Understand the fundamentals of Azure Redis Cache
Delve into advanced topics, serverless architecture patterns, and optimization strategies
Participants should have a foundational understanding of .NET development, including familiarity with C#.
Access to a computer with the ability to install and configure development tools, including Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.
A Microsoft Azure subscription is required for hands-on labs and practical exercises. Participants should have access to an Azure account or be willing to create one
Participants should be comfortable with the basics of .NET Framework and have experience in developing .NET applications.
A fundamental understanding of cloud computing concepts will be beneficial but not mandatory. Concepts such as virtualization, scalability, and cloud services will be covered during the course.
A stable internet connection is necessary for accessing course materials, online resources, and participating in live sessions.
An enthusiastic attitude and a genuine interest in mastering Azure services for .NET development.
Welcome to "Azure Synergy: A Comprehensive NET Guide to Functions" – your gateway to mastering Azure services for NET developers! In this meticulously crafted course, you’ll embark on a journey that demystifies the intricacies of Azure Functions, providing you with a comprehensive understanding tailored for NET enthusiasts.Dive deep into the Azure cloud as you explore the synergy between NET and Azure Functions This course is meticulously designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge required to seamlessly integrate Azure Functions into your NET projects Uncover the secrets of serverless computing, understand the power of event-driven programming, and harness the potential of Azure Functions to streamline your development tasks.Key Highlights:Comprehensive NET Coverage: Tailored specifically for NET developers, this course ensures you grasp the intricacies of Azure Functions seamlessly.Hands-On Learning: Immerse yourself in practical, hands- on exercises that reinforce your understanding of Azure Functions in real-world scenarios.Expert Guidance: Benefit from expert insights and best practices as you navigate through the vast landscape of Azure services.Practical Synergy: Learn how to leverage the synergy between NET and Azure Functions, enhancing the efficiency of your development workflow.Embark on this educational journey and emerge as a proficient NET developer with the ability to harness the full potential of Azure Functions "Azure Synergy" is not just a course; it’s your key to unlocking a world of possibilities in cloud computing for .NET development Enroll now and elevate your skills to new heights!Week 1: Introduction to Azure SynergyDay 1: Welcome to Azure SynergyCourse overview and objectivesIntroduction to Azure and its significance for .NET developersDay 2: Navigating the Azure PortalHands-on experience with the Azure PortalUnderstanding Azure resources and servicesDay 3: Azure Functions FundamentalsIntroduction to serverless computingExploring the basics of Azure FunctionsSetting up your development environmentDay 4: .NET and Azure IntegrationSeamless integration of .NET with Azure FunctionsBuilding your first Azure Function in .NETDay 5: Practical ExercisesHands-on labs to reinforce learningQ&A and discussion on Day 1 to Day 4 contentWeek 2: Mastering Azure Functions with .NETDay 6: Advanced Azure Functions FeaturesTriggers and bindings in Azure FunctionsScaling and optimizing functions for performanceDay 7: Working with Durable FunctionsIntroduction to Durable Functions in AzureDesigning resilient and stateful workflowsDay 8: Securing Azure FunctionsImplementing authentication and authorizationBest practices for securing your functionsDay 9: Monitoring and LoggingLeveraging Azure Monitor and Application InsightsAnalyzing logs and metrics for better performanceDay 10: Practical ProjectApplying knowledge in a practical projectQ&A and discussion on Week 2 contentWeek 3: Integrating Azure Functions with .NET ApplicationsDay 11: Azure Functions and .NET CoreCompatibility and benefits of using .NET CoreMigrating existing .NET applications to Azure FunctionsDay 12: Event-Driven Programming with Azure FunctionsUnderstanding event-driven architectureBuilding event-driven applications with Azure FunctionsDay 13: Advanced .NET Features for AzureExploring Azure SDK for .NETIntegrating other Azure services with .NET applicationsDay 14: Blob Storage in DepthUnderstanding Azure Blob StorageHands-on exercises with Blob Storage and .NETDay 15: Final Project and RecapCulminating project integrating Azure Functions with .NET applicationsReview and recap of Weeks 1 to 3Course evaluation and feedbackDay 16: Azure Logic Apps IntroductionOverview of Azure Logic AppsUnderstanding the role of Logic Apps in cloud integrationDay 17: Building Workflows with Logic AppsDesigning and creating Logic App workflowsIntegrating Logic Apps with Azure Functions and .NET applicationsDay 18: Redis Cache in AzureIntroduction to Azure Redis CacheIntegrating Redis Cache with .NET applicationsDay 19: Advanced Topics in Azure SynergyServerless architecture patternsOptimizing and refining Azure FunctionsExploring additional tools and resources
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Introduction
Lecture 3 Introduction
Lecture 4 Introduction
Section 2: Week one
Lecture 5 Day One
Lecture 6 Day two
Lecture 7 Day three
Lecture 8 Day four
Lecture 9 Day five
Lecture 10 Day six
Lecture 11 Day seven
Section 3: Week two
Lecture 12 Day one
Lecture 13 Day two
Lecture 14 Day three
Lecture 15 Day four
Lecture 16 Day five
Lecture 17 Day six
Lecture 18 Day seven
Section 4: Week three
Lecture 19 Day one
Lecture 20 Day two
Lecture 21 Day three
Lecture 22 Day four
Lecture 23 Day five
.NET developers looking to expand their skill set by incorporating Azure services into their projects.,Developers with a foundational knowledge of .NET who want to deepen their understanding and proficiency in utilizing Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Blob Storage, and Redis Cache.,Individuals interested in cloud computing and its application in the .NET ecosystem, particularly those who want to leverage Azure services.,Developers who desire a comprehensive course that covers Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Blob Storage, and Redis Cache, providing a holistic understanding of Azure for .NET development.,Individuals aiming to enhance their professional growth by acquiring in-demand skills in cloud computing and serverless architecture.,Teams or organizations working with .NET technologies looking to standardize their knowledge and skills in Azure services.

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